County Commissions, Boards, Committees, Task Forces

Since its first meeting in 1852, the Board of Supervisors has encouraged citizen involvement and expertise to assist the Board in serving the community. Commissions were established to help the Board with their many and varied duties and responsibilities of local county government. Today there are 191 commissions, committees, task forces, and special district agency boards.

Staff support for the many commissions boards and committees are spread throughout the county. The Executive Office of the Board of Supervisors coordinates a repository of publications from every county commission available at:

Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services’ staff support four (4) of the county’s commissions:

  • Commission on Human Relations (HRC)
  • Los Angeles County Commission for Older Adults (LACCOA)
  • Workforce Development Board (WDB)
  • Native American Indian Commission (NAIC)

Each commission/board plays an important role.