11/03/2016AAA-ENP-1720 RFPView
Appendix A (Sample Subaward)View
Appendix B (Statement of Work)View
Appendix C (Statement of Work Exhibits)View
Appendix D (Required Forms and Documentation)
Exhibits 1-22 and Exhibit 31View
Exhibit 23 (Proposed Budget for Title III C-1 Program Services) View
Exhibit 24 (Proposed Budget for Title III C-2 Program Services) View
Exhibit 25 (Proposed Budget for Title III B Program Services) View
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Exhibit 27 (PPS-C-2) View
Exhibit 28 (PPS-B) View
Exhibit 29 (Proposed Site Summary for Title III C-1 Program Services)View
Exhibit 30 (Proposed Route Summary for Title III C-2 Program Services)View
Appendix E (Request for Proposals (RFP) Transmittal Form to Request a Solicitation Requirements Review)View
Appendix F (County of Los Angeles Policy on Doing Business with Small Business)View
Appendix G (Jury Service Ordinance)View
Appendix H (Listing of Contractors Debarred in Los Angeles County)View
Appendix I (Internal Revenue Service Notice 1015)View
Appendix J (Safely Surrendered Baby Law)View
Appendix K (Intentionally Omitted)View
Appendix L (Determinations of Contractor Non-Responsibility and Contractor Debarment)View
Appendix M (Intentionally Omitted)View
Appendix N (Background and Resources - California Charities Regulation)View
Appendix O (Defaulted Property Tax Reduction Program)View
Appendix P (Cost Allocation and Indirect Cost Requirements)View
Appendix Q (Service Delivery Data)View
Appendix R (Instructions)View