Human Relations

Promoting Universal Inclusion and Respect for Basic Rights

Commission on Human Relations

Transforming Prejudice into Acceptance, Inequity into Justice, and Hostility into Peace

* Youth Human Relations Leadership Development

* Dispute Resolution Program

* Extinguishing the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Minors

* Equitable Policing Hearings

* Police-Community Dialogues

* Hate Crime Report

* Network Against Hate Crime

* Hate Violence Prevention Partnership-LA

* Hate Crime Underreporting Study

* Constituent Service Request Response

Native American Indian Commission

Increasing Resources, Solving Problems

* Created in 1976

* Joint Effort of members of the Los Angeles American Indian Community, City of Los Angeles, and County of Los Angeles

* Acquisition and Application of Funding Resources

* Focus on Socioeconomic Problems of American Indians in the Greater Los Angeles Area






For More Information on the Human Relations Commission, please call:  (213) 738-2788

For More Information on the Native American Indian Commission, please call: (213) 637-1855