Social Enterprise Employment and Training Program Services RFSQ

12/30/16Social Enterprise Employment And Training Program Services, RFSQView
Appendix A – Required Forms View
Appendix B – Solicitation Requirements ReviewView
Appendix C – Policy On Doing Business With Small BusinessView
Appendix D – Contractor Employee Jury ServiceView
Appendix E – Listing Of Contractors Debarred In Los Angeles CountyView
Appendix F – IRS Notice 1015View
Appendix G- – Safely Surrender Baby LawView
Appendix H– Sample Master AgreementView
Appendix H- Sample Master Agreement ExhibitsView
Appendix I– California Charities RegulationView
Appendix J– Defaulted Property Tax Reduction ProgramView
Appendix K – Statement Of WorkView
Appendix L – County Recognized HolidaysView