Bringing Our Loved Ones Home Task Force Meets

Supervisor Janice Hahn Attends Meeting Held at WDACS Headquarters

The Bringing Our Loved Ones Home Task Force held its 3rd meeting on June 21, 2017 at WDACS headquarters.  The Task Force was established by the Board of Supervisors through a motion introduced by Supervisors Janice Hahn (4th District) and Kathryn Barger (5th District).  The Task Force, which brings together public and community based organizations, is examining options for establishing a Countywide system and first responder training program designed to expedite the recovery time of individuals who wander from their families and caregivers, such as individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s or autism.

Supervisor Janice Hahn attended the meeting to address the Task Force.  She shared her personal commitment to the Task Force’s Work, which stems from the ongoing search for Nancy Paulikas, a constituent who has been missing since she wandered from her family in October 2016 during a trip to the L.A. County Museum of Art.

The 3rd Task Force meeting featured presentations from the Glendale Police Department on their Project Lifesaver Program and the MedicAlert Foundation on their MedicAlert LEAP Program.  Project Lifesaver is a tracking system that enables law enforcement to quickly find individuals when they go missing.  The MedicAlert LEAP Program creates a community network system that helps local law enforcement reunite missing individuals with their families.

The Task Force will next meet on Thursday, July 20 at 1pm at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration.