The Impact of Countywide Fitness Programs

County employees are encouraged to participate in the Countywide Fitness programs, including the Biggest Loser. We are consistently given tips, advice, and events that promote wellness, good health, and fitness. These activities can have an impact on our lives, but it is truly encouraging to see the impact it has had in the life of our own, Rosendo Garcia from the Community & Senior Centers division. This is his story that he hopes will motivate others to stay motivated and never get discouraged.

“My journey began this past January. I knew I gained a lot of weight through the years, but you don’t realize how much you have gained until it starts affecting you physically and emotionally. I was tired of shopping at the Big and Tall stores, I was tired of requesting a table at restaurants because I didn’t want to risk not fitting in a booth, I was tired of not being able to get on certain rides at theme parks, I was tired of feeling drained and feeling certain pains for absolutely no reason and quite honestly, I was tired of being tired…. I had to be honest with myself and knew I had to do something.

Every year, staff at Community and Senior Centers participate in the County’s Annual Biggest Loser Challenge. But unlike previous years, I knew I wanted to continue the challenge past the 10 weeks. We have a special team at the Center’s, which feels more like a family and not just co-workers. I give a lot of the credit for the success of the team to our Team Captain, Sylvia Soto. Sylvia did a great job of getting the group together for weekend hikes and sending out motivational emails and support.

I get asked how I lost weight. There are no secrets or shortcuts. I started my journey with healthy eating. My first step was taking out the processed sugar from my diet. I quickly learned how difficult that was going to be, even the so-called “Healthy” food options have sugar. I got rid of all juices, sodas and beer and stuck with water, black coffee and hot tea. I then started making all around healthier eating choices. The second step is the exercise. At the beginning, my only form of exercise was cardio. I started very slow on the treadmill. At the beginning I was only able to walk for 10 min and was unable to run half a lap without stopping. I told myself I was not going to get discouraged, we all have to start somewhere and realized this was going to be a long process. I challenged myself gradually and in my own pace. My first success was being able to run a mile without stopping.

I thank my family at home and at work for the motivation and support. There will be bumps in this journey, but the important thing to do is to get back on track. Don’t get discouraged.”

Thank you Rosendo for sharing your story and we are extremely proud of you for what you’ve accomplished. As a Department family, we continue to support you, encourage you, and celebrate with you all your struggles and accomplishments. Again, congratulations!