The WIOA Youth Program is funded by the Department of Labor to provide eligible youth with linkages to training and work experience in high growth, in-demand sectors.  WIOA affirms the Los Angeles County’s commitment to provide youth with quality services that culminate with a good job along a tangible career path.  As such Los Angeles County will focus services specifically to eligible disconnected youth ages 17 to 24.  Allowable youth activities and services include:

  • Assistance in achieving academic and employment success,
  • Evidenced-based dropout prevention and recovery strategies that lead to obtaining a secondary school diploma or its equivalent,
  • Financial literacy education,
  • Labor market and employment information,
  • Entrepreneurial skills training,
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling,
  • Classroom and Vocational training in skill competencies that are sector focused or within an occupational cluster and coupled with work experience that leads to clear an accessible career paths,
  • Leadership development or mentoring opportunities,
  • Supportive services (e.g., transportation, or tools and clothing for work)


  • Not attending any school (as defined under State Law), AND
  • Not younger than 17 nor older than 24; AND
  • One or more of the following:
  1. School dropout (no diploma or equivalent);
  2. Within the age of compulsory school attendance, but has not attended school for at least the most recent complete school year calendar quarter;
  3. Recipient of a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent who is low income and either basic skills deficient or and English language learner;
  4. An individual who is subject to the juvenile or adult justice system;
  5. A homeless youth, a runaway, in foster care or has aged out of the foster care system, a child eligible for assistance under Social Security Act section 477 (John Chaffee Foster Care Program), or in an out-of-home placement;
  6. An individual who is pregnant or parenting;
  7. A youth who is and individual with a disability;
  8. A low-income individual who requires additional assistance to enter or complete an educational program or to secure or hold employment

Program Providers

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