2017 Hate Crime Report

By October 18, 2018Human Relations

Since 1980, the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations has compiled, analyzed, and produced an annual report of hate crime data submitted by sheriff and city police agencies, educational institutions, and community-based organizations.

This report, then, is the most recent in one of the longest continuing efforts in the nation to document hate crime. We value highly our collaboration with jurisdictions and organizations throughout the county who make investigating and addressing hate crime a principal priority. Using information from this report, the Commission sponsors an array of ongoing programs to prevent and respond to hate crime. (See “Preventing and Responding to Hate” in this report.) Through the years, this report has been disseminated broadly to policy-makers, law enforcement agencies, educators, and community groups throughout Los Angeles County and across the nation in order to better inform efforts to prevent, detect, report, investigate, and prosecute hate crimes.