December 1, 2021Addendum One
November 15, 2021AAA-FCSP-2223 RFP – Family Caregiver Support Program
Appendix A (Sample Subaward)
Appendix B (Intentionally Omitted)
Appendix C (Intentionally Omitted)
Appendix D (Required Forms)
a. Forms D1-D10, D12,D19-D21,D23
b. Form D1.1
c. Form D24.1
d. Form D24.2
e. Form D25.1
f. Form D25.2
Appendix E (RFP Transmittal to Request a Solicitation Requirements Review)
Appendix F (County of Los Angeles Policy on Doing Business with Small Business)
Appendix G (Jury Service Ordinance)
Appendix H (List of Contractors Debarred in Los Angeles County)
Appendix I (Internal Revenue Service Notice 1015)
Appendix J (Intentionally Omitted)
Appendix K (Intentionally Omitted)
Appendix L (Intentionally Omitted)
Appendix M (Background and Resources – California Charities Regulation)
Appendix N (Defaulted Property Tax Reduction Program)
Appendix O (Notice of Intent to Submit Proposal)
Appendix P (County of Los Angeles Zip Code List)

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