May 1, 2018Cancellation of AAA-FCSP-1721 RFP for FCSP GR ServicesPDF Attached
September 18, 2017Addendum FourPDF Attached
September 11, 2017Addendum ThreePDF Attached
September 6, 2017Addendum TwoPDF Attached
May 1, 2017Addendum OnePDF Attached
Mandatory Proposers Conference Sign-in SheetPDF Attached
Appendix D (Required Forms and Documentation)
  • Exhibit 2 (Proposer’s References) Instructions
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 3 (Proposer’s List of Contracts with Public Entities) Instructions
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 23 (Proposed Budget for Family Caregiver Support Program Services)
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 24 (Proposed Budget for Family Caregiver Support Program Grandparent/Relative Services)
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 25 (Proposed Program Services for Family Caregiver Support Program)
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 26 (Proposed Program Services for Family Caregiver Support Program Grandparent/Relative)
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    April 10,2017Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP)(RFP)PDF Attached
    Appendix A (Sample Subaward)PDF Attached
    Appendix B (Statement of Work)PDF Attached
    Appendix C (Statement of Work Exhibits)PDF Attached
    Appendix D (Required Forms and Documentation)
  • Exhibits 1-22 and 27
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  • Exhibit 23
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 24
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 25
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 26
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  • Exhibit 28
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    Appendix E (Request for Proposals (RFP) Transmittal to Request a Solicitation Requirements Review)PDF Attached
    Appendix F (County of Los Angeles Policy on Doing Business with Small Business)PDF Attached
    Exhibit G (Jury Service Ordinance)PDF Attached
    Exhibit H (Listing of Contractors Debarred in Los Angeles County)PDF Attached
    Exhibit I (Internal Revenue Service Notice 1015)PDF Attached
    Exhibit J (Safely Surrendered Baby Law)PDF Attached
    Exhibit K (Intentionally Omitted)PDF Attached
    Exhibit L (Determinations of Contractor Non-Responsibility and Contractor Debarment)PDF Attached
    Exhibit M (Intentionally Omitted)PDF Attached
    Exhibit N (Background and Resources – California Charities Regulation)PDF Attached
    Exhibit O (Defaulted Property Tax Reduction Program)PDF Attached
    Exhibit P (Cost Allocation and Indirect Cost Requirements)PDF Attached
    Exhibit Q (County of Los Angeles Regions)PDF Attached
    Exhibit R (Instructions)PDF Attached
    Exhibit S (Notice of Intent to Submit Proposal)PDF Attached