April 17, 2017Notice to all interested parties regarding proposals for the Third Supervisorial District PDF Attached
March 14, 2017Addendum FourPDF Attached
March 9, 2017Addendum ThreePDF Attached
Appendix A - Sample SubawardPDF Attached
Exhibit W - BudgetPDF Attached
Exhibit X - Mandated Program ServicesPDF Attached
Exhibit BB - Mandated Program Services and Budget InstructionsPDF Attached
Exhibit CC - Criteria and Standards for Letters of Credit and Certificates of DepositPDF Attached
March 8, 2017Mandatory Proposer’s Conference Sign In SheetPDF Attached
March 7, 2017Addendum TwoPDF Attached
Appendix D - (Exhibit 23)PDF Attached
Appendix D - (Exhibit 24)PDF Attached
Appendix R - Proposed Program Services and Budget InstructionsPDF Attached
March 1, 2017Addendum OnePDF Attached
Appendix D
  • Exhibit 1 (Proposer’s Organization Questionnaire, Affidavit and Community Business Enterprise Information)
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 2 (Proposer’s References)
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 3 (Proposer’s List of Contracts with Public Entities)
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 4 (Proposer’s List of Expired and Terminated Contracts)
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibits 5-10, 12, 19, 20 and 22
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 21 (Proposed List of Lower Tier Subawards)
  • PDF Attached
  • Exhibit 25
  • PDF Attached
    February 22, 2017Linkages Program Services (RFP)PDF Attached
    Appendix A - Sample SubawardPDF Attached
    Appendix A - Sample Subaward Exhibits A-DDPDF Attached
    Appendix B - Statement of WorkPDF Attached
    Appendix C - Statement of Work ExhibitsPDF Attached
    Appendix D - Required Forms and DocumentationPDF Attached
    Appendix E to RPDF Attached