National Social Work Month

By March 15, 2019WDACS News

The National Association for Social Work or NASW is a non-profit organization of more than 120,000 members that is committed to fairness, and an intense interest in seeing individuals and communities succeed by: removing personal and public barriers and distinguishing social workers from other like-minded helping professionals.

These values—coupled with tangible social science skills—have led social workers in history to create essential safety net programs such as unemployment insurance, health insurance, income assistance and child protection services, and to fight for a range of human and civil rights in the United States.

NASW has showcased the expertise and dedication of professional social workers who help to improve community life. Each year since 2010, the NASW, has commemorated the work and efforts of all Social Workers nationwide by proclaiming March as Social Worker Month.

While social workers are integral parts of all communities, the general public’s understanding of these contributions and services is still limited. Since its inception, the social work profession has worked to improve life for millions every day. Social workers operate from values that recognize each person as relevant to society. We believe our communities should help everyone achieve his or her fullest potential.

NASWs theme for 2019, Social Work-ELEVATE, represents the important role that social workers assume by elevating and empowering individuals, giving them the ability to solve problems, cope with personal roadblocks, and assisting them to obtain the resources they need to succeed.

Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services/Aging and Adult Services Branch recognizes the critical role that Adult Protective Services (APS) social workers assume in protecting elder and dependent adult victims of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.  Despite the ongoing challenges of the increasing senior and dependent adult population, as well as the increased complexity and challenge of their work, social workers remain driven to provide the utmost in protective services for their clients.

On March 5, 2019 the Board of Supervisors proclaimed the Month of March as social work month throughout the County.   We salute ALL WDACS Social Workers for their commitment to the program and to society as a whole.

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