Native American Indian Homelessness

By April 2, 2019WDACS News

Native American Commission Releases Homelessness Efforts Progress Report for LA County

The Los Angeles County Native American Indian Commission released a Community Progress Report on Native American homelessness efforts in LA County. The progress report identifies gaps in knowledge and practice, uplifts the unique experiences of the Native American Indian population and highlights innovative proposals identified by community members.

The Community Progress Report was released in conjunction with the launch of a dedicated web page to provide updates on addressing homelessness in the community. Los Angeles County is home to the largest population of American Indians and Alaska Natives (AIAN) in the United States. Unfortunately, AIAN experiences disproportionate risk factors for homelessness. AIAN community members are 3.4 times more likely than non-Hispanic Whites to live in households with an income below the federal poverty level, and are 3 times more likely to experience mental health issues among all races in LA County.

The report offers six preliminary recommendations to continue working toward a shared vision of building Native specific housing in Los Angeles County. For a link to the progress report, a timeline of actions and other resources, please visit our homelessness page.