Dispute Resolution Program (DRP)


The Los Angeles County Dispute Resolution Program provides County residents with an alternative to resolve disputes without having to engage with the formal judicial system. Trained mediators help disputants resolve their differences quickly, without the added cost of time and money required for a full formal court proceeding. Dispute resolution assistance often is available at little or no cost.

Resolution assistance is provided for three types of disputes:

  • Community – disputes in which no form of court action has been initiated, including merchant-customer, landlord-tenant, family, neighbor to neighbor, and debt disputes.
  • Youth – disputes that involve minors, including parent-child, juvenile victim-offender, and school peer mediations.
  • Court – disputes already filed as civil actions in the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County, including small claims, unlawful detainer, and civil harassment cases.

Any individual, business, or organization involved in a civil dispute in which at least one participant in the dispute resides, conduct business, or operates in Los Angeles County is eligible for dispute resolution assistance. For more information or services, call (213) 738-2621

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