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Promoting Universal Inclusion and Respect for Basic Rights

For nearly 70 years, the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations has endeavored to inform, support, train, and mobilize people of all ages to transform prejudice into acceptance, inequity into justice, and hostility into peace.  The insecurity, inequality, and conflict that prejudice and fear produce are neither morally acceptable nor socially beneficial. In response, we work to proliferate respect, affirm human rights, and mobilize for peace. Included in this work is our coordination of the County Dispute Resolution Program.

  • Youth Human Relations Leadership Development
  • Dispute Resolution Program
  • Extinguishing the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Minors
  • Equitable Policing Hearings
  • Police Community Dialogues
  • Hate Crime Report
  • Network Against Hate Crime
  • Hate Violence Prevention Partnership-LA
  • Hate Crime Underreporting Study
  • Constituent Service Request Response

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