By March 26, 2019WDACS News

RISE UP Youth Leadership Conference: Strong Attendance By Several Hundred Youth

More than 300 youth from 20 schools attended the 4th annual “RISE UP for Humanity: Justice for the Forgotten” youth leadership conference organized by LA County Commission on Human Relations. The conference was organized at the University of Southern California by LA County Commission on Human Relations.

The conference organized more than 20 workshops for students to empower them on topics ranging from social justice to human relations. These workshops were designed to support change efforts in their schools. Speakers were scheduled throughout the day on topics including racism, sexism, climate change, police community relations, immigration, homophobia, trauma, meditation, and healing.

As follow up to the conference, students were encouraged to organize their networks to participate in change efforts such as Peace Over Violence’s Denim Day campaign on April 24, 2019.
The conference is a key part of the County’s Youth Human Relations Initiative. Students spend one year participating in training and activities that prepare them to be social justice leaders and empower them to lead human relations projects in their schools and communities.