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Housing Stability For Older Adults At Risk of Homelessness Through the APS Home Safe Program

The Adult Protective Services (APS) Home Safe program provides APS clients at risk of homelessness with a range of services designed to help them avoid homelessness and entry into the homeless emergency shelter system. APS clients qualify to receive assistance when certain criteria such as major financial crises, court eviction hearing notices, and lack of family / supportive resources are met. Potential clients are screened by one of LAHSA’s Homeless Prevention Program providers to determine whether there is a high risk of becoming homeless.

The following describes a recent case in which the APS Home Safe program intervened.

An APS social worker visited Ms. S to investigate an allegation of abuse. Upon further investigation, it became apparent that Ms. S was also at risk of becoming homeless. Upon receiving the referral to the Home Safe program, a Homeless Prevention Service Provider staff member contacted Ms. S to complete an assessment and gather required documentation.

Upon qualifying for the program, Ms. S received rental assistance for six months under the Home Safe Program. Upon exit from Home Safe, Ms. S was enrolled in the Shallow Subsidy Program for extended rental assistance through LAHSA.

Please click here to learn more about services offered by WDACS for older adults in LA County

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